This website was created to warn ‘Brides to be’ of the disasters that could happen when purchasing bridal wear from unauthorised internet sellers including auction websites. Many Brides dreams have turned into nightmares after their bridal wear have been purchased from unauthorised internet sellers and the dress has arrived damaged, faulty, the wrong colour, not the correct dress or even a Counterfeit Fake Copy! Some sellers don’t have a refund or replacement policy, therefore the bride is left with a dress she can not wear for her big day. Brides could even be supporting child labour!

Some overseas internet sellers do not explain to the bride that she is also responsible for the Customs Duty and VAT charge on the dress when it arrives in to the country as well as the courier handling fee. Some sellers will declare the dress as a GIFT, and declare that the goods are valued under £40 to ensure that the bride does not incur these charges. If the bride is purchasing the goods from overseas then the bride is the IMPORTER and is responsible for all the information that will be completed by the seller on the declaration form. Should Customs prove that the declared value was knowingly incorrect, Customs can fine the buyer.

The bridal industry only recommend that brides visit the website of their designer choice and locate their nearest authorised stockist. This will ensure that the seller is selling original designs.

We monitor a well know auction website where there are hundreds if not thousands of Fake Copy bridal attire being sold to unwary brides. The sellers will use a designer image on their auction listing to reel in the bride, who is thinking she is going to receive that designer dress at a fraction of the RRP and even as low as £4.99!! Like hello, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

To view the difference between a Fake Copy and the Original please visit Brides TV. Presenter Pete Meads shows and explains in the videos just what the bride could end up with.

We also have a facebook profile showing fake copy dresses. Please join us there and help support the bridal industry to warn other brides the dangers from buying online. Simply search Brides Aware.

We welcome and encourage comments from Brides, Designers and Bridal Stores who have any disaster stories about brides who purchased online. These will be shown on here to warn unwary brides of the dangers.

See our commercial that was shown on Sky's Wedding TV.
Click here to view the commercial.

Brides Aware!

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